May 12, 2016

Parking Lot Lighting

GE-Outdoor-LED-Lighting-Joann-Fabrics-4-465x300_tcm201-28976Elgin Parking Lot Electrical Services

At Patrick Electrical Service  we have highly trained electricians to efficiently service & repair parking lot lights of any kind. Our aerial lifts can reach your parking lighting with ease and with no disruption to your daily business activities.



Below is a list of all the other services we offer:

·         Parking pole light lamp & ballast repair / replace
·         Parking structure light repair / replace
·         Security lighting repair / replace
·         New lighting design for security or aesthetics
·         Energy consumption evaluation
·         Energy efficient lamp & ballast replacements
·         LED lighting replacements
·         New installations
·         Building wall-pack lights
·         Emergency Service
·         Troubleshooting
·         New underground wiring